Five ways to BE wealthy… and one not so secret way I’m doing it

I am probably the most unlikely candidate to be talking about money. It’s not that I’ve been broke, it’s just that I’ve been comfortable my whole life and when you’re comfortable, you’re not that motivated to change. The self-development world is full of stories of massive transformation. Those who have been down so low seem to soar to the greatest heights. However, when we are averagely good we are told that it is good enough and we accept it. No one really wants to languish in the land of mediocrity though.

Often we deny the part of ourselves that desires more money. I know I did. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer to fly business class rather than economy? Money buys choices. Often, even getting to the point where we admit our desires takes work.

Money has been blamed for much. We love it or we loathe it or we ignore it. Personally, I ignored it for a long time. When anyone would talk about financial things I would zone out. I equated making money with selling out. But I have been learning a lot about wealth consciousness in the past year and a half and especially since starting The Academy in January.

Wealth is a state of mind. Wealth is a feeling and it is not something you have to wait to happen to you. You can get in the vibration of abundance all on your own.

From Abundance Tapestry,

If your state of mind is attuned to abundance or wealth, it will soon become manifest. If your state of mind is attuned to lack of money or lack of whatever, that lack will also become manifest. 

So how can we attune our minds to abundance and wealth?

1. Count your blessings.

When nothing else concerns you except what more you need, nothing can satisfy you and that truly will make you poor and needy.

(Abundance Tapestry)

Write down each morning what makes you feel abundant. Notice them as you walk. It could be the time to sit and sip your morning coffee or tea or the bunch of roses you buy yourself each week. Be grateful for all you have and the frequency of being abundant will attract more abundance into your life. 

 2. Maintain a miracle mindset

When the economy is bad, we tend to focus on the gloom and doom. It can be easy to fall into negative thinking and feelings of hopelessness, but there are many excellent books that will restore your faith in your ability to be a money making magnet. At the beginning, if you truly want to transform your relationship to money, it’s recommended that you read wealth consciousness books every day and in large chunks and not only read, but follow the advice.

Recommended Reading List

The Science of Getting Rich  - audio, paper or kindle (click to buy)

Think and Grow Rich – paper or kindle

The Abundance Book – paper or kindle

The Game of Life and How To Play It – paper or kindle

Leveraging the Universe – paper or kindle

2. Know that you deserve it

Our beliefs are so ingrained that we are often not aware of their existence. Due to our family, culture and country’s history, we hold many beliefs about money that may be holding us back. Perhaps we repeat ‘I can’t afford it’ a hundred times a day or think that some things are nice for some people. Perhaps we believe the global economy would collapse if too many of us became wealthy or that our parents would cut us off if we earn more than them. This stuff goes so deep, but we cannot experience prosperity if we believe we don’t deserve it. You deserve wealth as much as the next person. So treat yourself. 

3. Be generous

Have fun with money! Give to people or organisations who make a difference in your life. Buy your friend coffee. Tip well for good service or whatever turns you on and don’t forget to give to yourself.  It’s not about getting out of reality or going on a shopping binge. It is about getting in touch with your true desires and not always going for the sales and the bargain bin. Money flows. You don’t have to hoard it. 

4.  Speak well of money

Don’t indulge in lack conversations. Speak instead of how great it is to be able to take holidays every year or go out for dinner when you want. Not that long ago, this was only available to the aristocracy. Celebrate the good life!

Rejoice in the prosperity of others too! In The Academy, women post in the Facebook group about their $20K month or $11K week and we celebrate it. What is available for them is available for you and me too. If you feel envious or angry, acknowledge it but don’t attach yourself to the feeling.

Wayne Dyer says,

Foster an inner belief that anyone who has achieved prosperity is entitled to it, and that their success is not a reason for you to feel inadequate or wanting….Let go of the inner belief that it shouldn’t be that way. It is that way! That is all you need to know.

Again from Wayne Dyer,

Try to shift your focus from what others have or don’t have to what you can do for yourself.  Remember when you evaluate and judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.

When you evaluate and judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.

Brilliant, right?

5. Ask a Higher Power

Get quiet and ask your Higher Self, your God or whatever you believe in how you can bring in money. Ask all day. Tap into your intuition. And then take action. Take one step in the direction and then take the next step. Sometimes the next step is getting a casual job just to get your needs met and other times you’re hustling to up level your life.

No amount of money can fulfil the part of ourselves that feels incomplete, insecure or not peaceful, but when you know that you are a whole, creative and loving being, then money can buy happiness for sure.


Now if you have come this far, you are not only a potential connoisseur of wealth consciousness, but may also be interested to know more about the Success and Business Coaching course I am doing.

Gina DeVee has opened up enrolments for the June 2014 and the course to 200 women worldwide. It’s a year long course and at the end of it you will be a certified transformational coach. But also it’s about being present in all the learning and transformation in our own lives and I’m already feeling this to be one of the best years of my life.

Gina is a millions-making master coach who embodies all that she teaches so exquisitely. Most of us signed up because we were attracted to her lifestyle too – travelling the world and working from wherever she chooses, staying in beautiful hotels and of course travelling first class all the way. But of course, with 15 years experience, she also teaches us exactly how to have a successful coaching business and to create a life of our own design.

There are four live events over the year and I intend to go to every one of them, especially after the incredible first one in LA. This money stuff is powerful and we all received such a tremendous healing by showing up at that event. It was like being at a Michael Jackson concert, seriously. Gina is amazing. And I can’t wait to facilitate such transformation in my own clients.

These are the other reasons who I said yes to the course :

I loved that I’d be able to work for myself, making my own schedule and be my own boss.

I loved that I will have a business that is location independent.

I loved that we go through so much transformation ourselves and will be living on brand.

I loved that I would get to meet wonderful women from all over the world and meet them in LA, Paris, Sydney and Miami, as well as online.

I also have been a big fan of Gina’s a year and a half now and have been listening to her weekly radio shows all this time and serendipitously bumped into her in Paris when she was in the planning stages of The Academy. So I trust her.

If this appeals to you, please click the links below to find out more. You will receive a seven-part video series from Gina, a manual and recording on how she carried out $1.8million The Academy from its conception to launch AND if you sign up through my link, I will gift you 3 coaching sessions with me to support you at the beginning of your Academy journey… to say THANK YOU for signing up with me!

MY LINK : Click here to receive the $1.8million launch strategy and find out more.  

If you want any further information about it just ask me. The course is open to experienced coaches and those who have no experience at all. You don’t need any prerequisite studies to gain entry either. You just need an open heart and a willingness to transform.

MY LINK : Click here to receive the $1.8million launch strategy and find out more.

Over to you my friend. What makes you feel abundant? How do you define wealth? And would you like to know more about wealth consciousness or manifesting money? I could go a lot deeper on the specifics if you let me know. Please respond in the comments below.

And PLEASE share and like this post if you do. I’d be most grateful.

Happy Easter!

Much LOVE xxx

Why I am never joining Project AWOL (so stop following me)


This post has been building in me for a while but receiving one more Project AWOL follower today sent me over the edge. I have a post ready to publish about money and wealth consciousness and I know that the vultures will swarm if I don’t say this first. Maybe they will still swarm but I can’t keep politely silent any longer.

If you don’t know what Project AWOL is then you probably don’t blog. There have been some posts written by other awesome bloggers that go into their feelings towards project AWOL, like Daka Razor’s post on online scams  or Jen’s post, entitled Project AWOL is a scam.

This is how it works :

1. I receive an email to say I have a new follower.

2. I am excited.

3. I open the email to see who this new follower is.

4. WordPress informs me that this person also has a blog and says “Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked yours!” and then lists 3 posts of theirs that I can click on to take me to their page.

5. If they are a Project AWOLer there will inevitably be one post with the title ‘Life begins at the END of your Comfort Zone’ or something similar and one will mention AWOL.

6. I am disappointed or irritated or just delete and get on with my day.

Project AWOL followers are the kids at school who only want to be friends with you so they can come over and swim in your pool. Have they noticed no one sits next to me at lunch? They make me feel like a bit of a loser. Duped again!

One time I did click on Project AWOL, before I knew what it was and even recently when I didn’t realise a blogger was involved with the scheme.

Daka Razor sums it up so nicely,

Without fail, ALL of their blogs centred around some form of sales pitch about them being some kind of “entrepreneur” and how they were enjoying the high life and that I too could have it all.

What they do have on their blogs are a myriad of posts, web vids, cheesy motivational posters and banner ads all saying that you too can have all the riches in the world and that they are happy to share that golden information with you. All you have to do to reap bucketfuls of easy money is to give them your email address and they will tell you their secrets to success.

There is a big shiny purchase button at the end of that rainbow and you only have to pay $25 monthly and they will tell you ALL the secrets of their success! Then you can go retire in Thailand at the age of 25! But they won’t tell you what their secret is until after you pay. And that’s one of the reason’s I will never ever join Project AWOL.

Here are some other reasons :

1. I’ve always been really repulsed by things that are too full-on salesy, like 45 minute videos on how much fun we’re having (and you can too!).

We don’t have to convince people to buy stuff and swindle money out of them. Lean back brother.

2. Project AWOL follower emails feels like SPAM in my inbox.

It’s like getting excited about mail in your letterbox and then finding it’s just promotional material from a company, disguised in an envelope.

3. Project AWOL blogs seem to only post material that intends to entice bloggers to sign up for their marketing scheme.

What I write comes from a place of genuinely wanting to share. When I mention a book or a program or a video, it is because I believe in it. It’s silly I know. And I’d just find it so boring to have to continually write posts that are marketing material in disguise and project myself as a hyper-happy person having the time of my life (and you can too!). When does the sugar wear off?

4. Project AWOL seems to be a pyramid scheme (or ‘the reverse funnel’).

Some corrupt genius really is kicking back in Thailand, while all the worker bees are swarming over the internet.

5. I don’t want to join a blogging mastermind group.

I’ve got enough stuff to do.

So I am not signing up for Project AWOL. I choose to be authentic. Wouldn’t you?


Are you ready to fall in love with your life?


Good, then…

As I revealed in my last post, I am on my way to becoming a transformational coach.

For homework I’m doing market research and am looking for feedback on my packages. If the following description sounds like you, I would be most grateful if you would answer a couple of questions. It will take no more than 10 mins. I have an amazing word document set to go so just message me at and I’ll get you started. You could also leave me a message below and PLEASE feel free to share this with anyone and everyone and especially those you know who may fit this description.

So, here’s what I’m offering…

I help women around to create a life that they are in love with by exploring pleasure, discovering beauty and experiencing presence.

You are typically a woman who has reached a crossroads and is not feeling inspired by her career or your life and are dreaming of a way out. You know you are creative, but find your daily habits lead you to consume more than create. You long to be more spiritual, aligned, peaceful and productive and lead a life that is authentic and on purpose.

You are ready to get out of mediocrity and discover your passions and pleasure to create a life that is uniquely yours, which will have you waking up happy every day.

Are you ready?



Much LOVE xxx


California Dreaming…

Palm Trees

I thought this was a catchy (albeit obvious) title for a blog post on going to California. Yet when I looked up the lyrics, it did not go with my attitude at all.

Stopped in to a church I passed along the way.
Well I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray.
You know the preacher liked the cold;
He knows I’m gonna stay.
California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.

Firstly, I did not pretend to pray and secondly, I’m definitely not sitting at home dreaming about going to California. I desired to come to California and I made it happen!

I could say the journey to Cali began ten years ago when I picked up the book Absolute Happiness and continued when I stumbled across Rose Cole and Gina DeVee and participated in their Feminine Art of Manifesting courses. But this leg of the journey really began in October when I signed up to be part of The Academy.

The Academy is master coach Gina DeVee’s Coaching and Business Certification Course, which runs throughout this year. That’s right, I’m becoming a transformational coach! If you have been reading this blog, you have by now realised that personal transformation is what sets me alight and is what I am here to share.

But getting back to The Academy… It consists of two hundred women worldwide and four times a year we are given the opportunity to meet for live events in different cities around the world. I say ‘given the opportunity’ because we have to make it happen for ourselves. This was the first of the events, in Los Angeles, and it was so incredible, not only Gina and the event, but also spending time with all these amazing women who I previously only knew through our Facebook group and who speak the same language as me.

There’s so much I could write about at the moment but I thought I’d start with how I got here. At one time, maybe 2 months ago, I thought that I couldn’t come to LA for this event because

a)    I was not bringing in much money personally and

b)   I was supposed to be focused on my health

But deep down I knew that I desired to be at this event and to be in the vortex of high-vibrational women (this is the same language part). It wasn’t even ‘deep down’. It was just what I desired and I knew it, like when I desired to go to hip-hop dance school in New York or to live in Montpellier. I didn’t know what to expect on those occasions or at this event either, since I’d never even been to a seminar before, however, I knew Gina and her Divine Living company and community and I knew it was going to be empowering and somehow spectacular. I did not want to miss out on this.

And I am most grateful that I made this choice.

To get here, I had to be a good student and listen to Gina’s wisdom.

“Take a stand for the AND!”

Or her analogy of buying broccoli for dinner and then wanting it for lunch too.

“You can always get more broccoli.”

Translation = There was no reason I couldn’t care for my health AND come to L.A. There was no reason that coming to L.A. wasn’t a part of caring for my health. Even my doctor agreed.

So I knew I desired to be here and yada yada yada.

Yada Yada what?

You want to know about how I found the money, right?

I was listening to one of the Q&A calls we have every fortnight and I heard Gina talking about how, when women were considering joining the Academy, they actually had access to the money they didn’t think they had, in the form of credit cards, loans, the 401K etc. So a little later when I was at the mirror plucking (where I have all my best ideas), I realised I did have the money to pay for, not only my health care, but also my trip to LA! It was the excess in my home loan (or whatever it’s called). Given that at this rate of payment, it can’t even be calculated when my loan will be paid off, I’m not too fussed about taking the extra out of the mortgage. I knew that coming to this event would have a far greater impact on my life than conserving money with a wartime attitude.

It’s not about going on a shopping binge, but investing in ourselves and not being stingy. You know there are things you can buy that make you feel abundant. For me, buying a handbag I love is an investment in myself and so was purchasing my Macbook Pro. A couple of years ago I would have gone for the cheapest netbook ever (I did) or waited for a hand-me-down from my darling Dad. So buying a top of the range product was empowering. Every time I open it I feel wealthy. I once read that the thrill of buying something new only lasts a few days, but I don’t think this is really true if you connect to it. This has been a big change for me – not just going for the bargain or the freebie but asking myself…

What do I really desire?

There is a lot more to the teachings, obviously. We spent a month and a lot of the event on our wealth consciousness, so it sounds like Swahili to you, I’d recommend doing your own research and going on your own journey. You could start with Leveraging The Universe, by Mike Dooley, or watch this talk of his as a leaping off point or read Think and Grow Rich or just keep reading this blog.

Because who wants to live a limited life?

Life is for living. Let’s have fun with it! 


Remembering to be Me

Aloha! I’m coming to you today from sunny Lucerne! I’ve got my arse parked on my beach towel, the dampness of the grass seeping through, and I’m hash-tagging outdooroffice all over my brain. Whoa life is good!

Firstly, I wanted to say welcome to y’all – the faithful and the new and those just passing by. I sometimes wonder if I should stop writing this blog but then new subscribers will sign up or someone will send me a message to say what I wrote helped them. It makes me feel there’s a reason for doing this besides my own enjoyment, which also feels sadomasochistic (non-sexually) at times. I am clearly not doing it for fame or fortune or to win the Booker prize for blogging. There are plenty of awesome blogs out there and I’m not trying to compete. But I’m hooked on sharing what I’m absorbing and spreading ‘the news’ as I see it in a form that’s far more creative and eloquent than what comes out of my mouth.  And sometimes I just need to vent.

Today I wanted to tell you about Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani’s account of her near death experience (NDE) and what she learnt from it. I’ve been gathering new perspectives about, you know, just my usual meaning of life caboodle. Anita, after spending four years with lymphatic cancer, went into a coma with organ failure and came out with her lemon-sized tumours disappearing within weeks, thanks to the NDE.

Obviously she learnt some pretty rad stuff on the other side.

During my NDE, I felt that my body, in its solid form, didn’t exist. I was just pure energy… This infinite energy was the real me, and the body was only a barometer to show how much life force was “coming through” or being expressed… From this, I feel that when we say people are of a higher vibration, we probably mean that they’re letting more of their authentic magnificence come through, so their “barometer” readings are really high! Consequently their positive energy and physical presence and strong… In that realm, however, nobody seemed stronger or weaker. Everyone was magnificent. But how much of that we express through our bodies into this dimension seems to be our choice.

Yeah, but what did you really learn, Anita?

This infinite energy was the real me, and the body was only a barometer to show how much life force was “coming through” or being expressed!

Everyone is magnificent. But how much of that we express through our bodies into this dimension seems to be our choice.


And how can we express our magnificence more and more?

By doing what we LOVE.

At first she only wanted to sit by the ocean with sand between her toes and eat Belgian chocolate ice cream but she knew there was a bigger plan for her and allowed this to unfold. She trusted and didn’t feel she had to do anything.

Of course she did stuff, but her actions stemmed from her emotions and feelings while staying in the present moment. I’m learning this too. Last week was a very big week for me. I had six appointments for my health, two of which were in other cities, and I finally got some news I’ve been waiting for. But I wouldn’t have got this news if I hadn’t gone with my gut, if I’d believed the first, second or the third doctor I saw or gave in to what other people wanted for me. I was faithful to myself and I feel rewarded for having the patience to dig deeper.

I spoke to many experts, I listened, I celebrated and cried, and trusted that I would find my own way, without being rushed. When we do things out of fear (like ‘just in case’ or ‘you have to do it now’) or things that are future focused, regardless of our current emotional state, we are taking action from a place of doing. (p.s. I’m still going to get insurance).

Anita says if everything she’s doing is driven by passion and a zest for living, then she’s being.

I just pay attention to whatever feels right at the time. For me, life is a spiritual experience, and I’m changing and evolving all the time.

So even though we are all ‘super busy’ and are not eating ice-cream with the sand between our toes, we can find ways to just chill the fuck out and follow our passions and emotions. For example, I could easily waste another week sitting inside and stressing over ‘all I have to do’ (and attempting to do it). But I’m not going to let another week go by like that. So today I took my work to have Assam tea at the Palace Hotel and then walked in the sun to the other side of the lake to start this post (#outdooroffice).

And really the big dot I wanted to connect with this post is dancing. I feel like my new dance class might be the most important part of my treatment. I’ve been dancing on and off since I was eight but hadn’t taken a class for the last five years and hadn’t found one in an age that felt so right for me. Only in going back did I realise how much I’d missed it. It feels like I’ve come home after a long journey and my chest burns with gratitude at the end of the class as we do our final stretch and I swallow back tears of joy. Afterwards, I walk the half hour home, feeling the life force, the magnificent infinite energy being expressed through this body.

I hope everyone can experience something as wonderful as my dance class – that’s all I wanted to say.

That’s the magic pill. Pure bliss.

The Recovery (part 2)

After getting that off my chest (see last post), I realised that I didn’t feel better. I still felt crap. Now there is definitely a place in my life for feeling emotions besides happiness. I’m totally fine with sadness – enjoy it even – but feeling simply ‘crap’ and being annoyed with yourself is not a place I find much good comes (I mean, besides writing a novel because of it, which is exactly what I did).

Today is a new day and I can’t let the dregs of yesterday derail my plans for a productive and fun day. So what did I do? I returned to the routine with a few adjustments.

Now, here’s my formula for dealing with a ‘crap’ mood :

1. I yelled at myself.

Seriously. Usually I’m all about the sweet nothings of encouragement but today I needed some tough love. So I shouted, ‘Stop it! Stop doing this!’ and it worked. It brought me out of my mind. I am the best friend I wish I had here! (Okay that’s embarrassing to admit but I’ve come this far already).

2. I did a few minutes of Qi Gong.

Since I last wrote about it, I have been doing different exercises mostly, from this video. You only need to watch the video once or twice and then you can do it on your own. The exercises involve hitting yourself (to get your Chi moving), releasing negativity and then gathering Chi from below (the earth) and above (the cosmos). Sounds like a pretty far-out thing to do, right? Anyway, it’s all about the intention you infuse the movements with and it certainly got my energy moving. I felt better after a couple of minutes, despite feeling there was no point when I started.

Actually, this is all I got up to before I was bursting with new inspiration but the next up is…

3. Eight minutes of this meditation on balancing the root chakra (and healing of course).

I’ve only done it once before but found it was the passageway to a deeper place.The music I found very powerful, with ancient rhythms and ‘binaural beats’ that ‘help to deeply relax the mind and body and assists in the process of healing.’

Root (chakra) energy is the foundation of the physical body and is ‘relevant to achievements in the physical world, permanence, strength of character, patience, endurance and safety.’

Wow and to think where I would be without the internet!

But this is not another blog post about the internet.

There are other things I can do to bring me back to normal if I need it :

4. journal my little heart out.

I found starting every sentence with ‘I desire’ when I’m down feels better than simply complaining it out as I would’ve done in the past.

5. exercise – even (and especially) a walk.

6. select a Goddess Guidance card.

The goddesses totally believe in me, no matter what!

7. read or listen to something inspirational. You know I’m into it.

What I know for sure is that dwelling in the shit feels yucky and I come out covered in slime. I’m starving now. I’ve written two blog posts before breakfast (high fives all round) and I’m back in the land of wonder.

Goddess Guidance

Those are just some of my ways to get out of the swamp – how about you? How do you save yourself from a crap mood?

A Confession of Crapness

I have something to admit. I hate the internet sometimes. I hate it like an alcoholic hates drinking.

This is not the post I wrote yesterday. I wrote something and then I thought ‘should I really?’ I felt uninspired and tired. I’ve got about 8 books I want to read but my mind felt fatigued. Dangerous. Seriously – what mindless thing is there to do on a Monday evening? Yes, I turned on the TV to catch the one show I occasionally watch right now, ‘Dinner Date’ (I mean, besides Revenge, which we watch online). Dinner date is the show I turn to for company when I’m eating dinner alone. After that I flicked to the news (CNN, BBC, CCTV, Al Jazeera etc) and caught a bit of an update on the Ukrainian crisis. Things were going okay  (I mean for me, selfishly, not for the Ukranians).

Then I wondered what else I could watch. How bout clips from the Oscars? See, it all started so innocently. From the Oscars I went to interviews on The Wolf of Wall Street, then took a left and found myself at the ‘Jennifer Lawrence – funniest moments’ clips and then, bored of that, started wondering what my old friends at Geordie Shore were doing (Vicky’s lost a ton of weight and is now the proud face of a best-selling work-out video, in case you were wondering). And then just like Jordan Belfort snorting coke out of a prostitute’s arse, the debaunchery ended at a twenty-minute video of what Joel (not even a real member of Geordie Shore) eats in a day as a plug for a body-building protein powder company. Needless to say, the guy consumes a lot of barbecue sauce.

Why? Why? Why?

Oh, why?

My eyes cannot unsee what I have seen.

I had books to read!

And I want those hours back!

I had shit to do too (but we all need a break sometimes, right?)

You see, it’s not like I’m fighting this crapness urge 24/7. On Sunday night we went to the gym and on Friday I baked a quinoa and banana slice for fuck’s sake! But then I forget. Boredom can be a dark place.

I think it’s the same feeling as with a slot machine. I keep putting the money in and soon it really becomes only about feeding the machine coins – that’s the addiction. I’d long forgotten there may be a jackpot to win. It feels like mental retardation. I can’t get off the damn machine!

Anyway, I don’t have a moral of the story, except that everyday is a new day. I am writing this to wash that shit away. Usually I won’t write here unless I have something good to say, but today I felt that I needed to write this. I’m reaching out, at the risk of sounding pathetic, because I feel lonely again.

And I’m wondering – does anyone else suffer from this insanity or does everyone else use the internet sensibly?

Coming Out and into the wide arms of the World Web

I have been thinking a lot about spirituality this past weekend. It came after listening to Gina DeVee coach a client on Friday night – an Australian woman expressing how she wanted to incorporate spirituality into her coaching business but was afraid of being judged by her friends, family and society at large. She believed it wasn’t mainstream enough. ‘Well,’ Gina said with typical pizzaz, ‘this is your coming out party then.’ ‘What is mainstream about wellness but not about spirituality?’ Gina asked. What exactly? Sure there is Oprah and her Super Soul Sunday, but is that even on TV in Australia? In America it feels a lot more acceptable to be talking about God – obligatory even if you look at their presidents and hip hop stars (I thank God, yo). In Australia and many other nations, you may wear a cross around your neck or a rose quartz stone in your bra, but conversation about God or the universe doesn’t go on much outside of religious circles and crystal shops. For years I carried out SSB (Secret Spiritual Business). That is…until this blog! And through writing about it, I have seen that many people are actually open to this conversation.

But it has been a risk. I have risked being seen as a ‘dick’ or too loopy and woo-woo (as they say amongst the modern spiritual folk). I have overridden embarrassment and bared my private parts. I have shown you my intestines at times. And I’ve really gotten a lot out of it. As I was thinking about what being spiritual actually meant to me, it felt like stumbling towards solid objects in the dark. It was too large for my brain to comprehend on a Sunday morning at 8am and I don’t think it is even important for this topic. Though I do relate to this Wikipedia definition of Modern Spirituality.

Modern Spirituality is a blend of humanistic psychology with mystical and esoteric traditions and eastern religions aimed at personal well-being and personal development.

(In case you were wondering) What is more interesting perhaps is how the internet has been the vehicle for exposing parts of myself that were previously hidden. I mean, I’m not saying thousands of people read this blog (or even hundreds… and hey, feel free to spread the love), but really important people do – like work colleagues, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends of friends. Normally, how well do we know each other in real life?  Even my parents and best friends didn’t know me as well as now. And even though having a blog is quite one-sided, we are talking more of spirit and higher consciousness in person – we are saying we relate at least – and so this vulnerable part of ourselves becomes more integrated into our public life. Gina says that when we hide a part of ourself, the outside world will mirror this and so we feel judged because we judge ourselves. You get it?

Just a year ago I felt embarrassed to have to explain to people who Gabrielle Bernstein was and why I’d gone to see her for a May Cause Miracles workshop in London. I squirmed when a friend wanted to come along and wondered what she’d make of it. I did these things alone. It was kind of like being in a secret cult. Then I took a risk and forwarded an email about the Art of Love relationship series to my best friends. The only response I got was from one of my dearest telling me not to send her that ‘shit’ at work! Coming out can be uncomfortable to say the least. We risk shame and then we realise we can live through it. The internet is the perfect place to find people who won’t judge us though. Online there is a distance and we can say what we want. We meet people who come to know the parts of ourselves not incorporated in real life (ps. do chat rooms still exist?). We do what humans do, forming communities and sharing information and beliefs. Wow, it really sounds like utopia, doesn’t it?

There are also plenty of teachers on the net that make us feel like talking about spirit is normal. This ‘new world’ becomes our media and sooner or later it becomes mainstream too. So we expose ourselves a little more as we sit in our homes (our private places where we can take off the uniform and unleash our authentic self). We type to a non-judgemental screen, which will sit still and not change the topic. Then we send our words, our songs, our pictures, paintings and poems into the abyss. We dangle from the edge of our pride and then fling ourselves off it.

That’s the risk. And I am grateful I took it.





Life Without Drugs

‘The last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday.’

Ha! At least I got your attention.

Not my words, but Russell Brand’s from an article about his Life Without Drugs. Clean and sober for the past ten years, he continues, ‘I had received “an inconvenient truth” from a beautiful woman. It wasn’t about climate change – I’m not that ecologically switched on – she told me she was pregnant and it wasn’t mine.’


‘I cannot accurately convey to you the efficiency of heroin in neutralising pain. It transforms a tight, white fist into a gentle, brown wave. From my first inhalation 15 years ago, it fumigated my private hell and lay me down in its hazy pastures and a bathroom floor in Hackney embraced me like a womb.

This shadow is darkly cast on the retina of my soul and whenever I am dislodged from comfort my focus falls there.’

Don’t you just admire his vocabulary?

The part that stuck in my mind though the most was this,

‘Drugs and alcohol are not my problem, reality is my problem, drugs and alcohol are my solution.’

Don’t we all have our escape from reality? Something happens in our body, some kind of feeling, and we ‘deal with it’. We stuff it down or cover it up or kill it. We scroll, flick, phone, yell, blame in silence, eat, drink, be merry, get happy, not give a fuck, text, sext, smoke, use, run, sweat it out, fat blast it away, worry in overdrive, attack, strategise, rationalise, plan holidays, sleep… all to avoid feeling ‘it’.

This week I actually felt it. It started with a shelf and some control issues. It ended with me accepting that I couldn’t have 100% control over the way the flat looked. I said yes, I’d do it, I’d consult and then I felt it – the knot in the pit of my stomach.

‘You have to get rid of it,’ he said.
‘No, I just have to feel it.’
I didn’t try to argue or fight it. I felt it.
The feeling dissipated. It left without ceremony.
I can do this.

I don’t have a million clever words like Russell Brand but I have this.

How to be awesome

This week on Facebook I saw a posting on the rice experiment and I took it as a sign that I should write about positive thinking (I’m into signs). Have you heard of this experiment? Dr Emoto is a researcher and alternative healer from Japan whose experiments on how thoughts can change the molecular structure of water featured on What The Bleep Do We Know? In the rice experiment he took two identical jars of rice and labelled one ‘thank you’ and the other ‘you fool’, instructing school children to  say the words out loud every time they passed the jars. What was found was that at the end of the month, (you guessed it) one was practically the same while the other was mouldy and rotten. I’ll let you figure out which was which.

Incroyable! Non?

Surely this adds a little to what the bleep we do know.

But it’s amazing how many negative thoughts we can catch passing through our heads if we take the time to catch them. Just yesterday I noticed that I was looking in the letterbox thinking ‘Ehh nothing ever good comes in the mail.’ I caught the thought and immediately transformed it into a positive statement. ‘Heaps of cool stuff comes in the mail!’ Not because I’m crazy, just because I believe in the power of positivity. And believe me, this is not my natural state of being – I don’t wake up like this without intention. It is something I’ve become aware of and am transforming. Negative thoughts got me no place good. But positive thoughts brought me money, love, health, happiness, fulfilment and a whole lot of crazy, fun experiences.

Now, it may not be very sexy to talk about affirmations but I really feel I must.

Louise Hay, the affirmation queen, says that the subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe and this becomes true for you. With our thoughts, we create situations and then we give our power away by blaming others and getting frustrated. Really though, it is all up to us. Right now you can choose to be different.

The only thing we are ever dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed. We get to choose our thoughts.

In terms of affirmations, Queen Louise says that everything is an affirmation and you are either affirming for the good or the bad.

(If you want to dive in with Louise Hay I found this cool video or you could just buy one of her many books.)

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So do a little experiment on yourself and see what happens. Catch every negative thought and transform it into a positive. So often we walk around saying ‘I’m not very good at…’ or ‘I’m so stressed out about…’ or ‘how am I going to find the time for…’

Imagine if instead you thought ‘Everything is working out perfectly!’ or ‘Today is an amazing day!’ or ‘I have enough time!’ (with the emotion behind it – exclamation marks are optional). Literally, your life will change. Time will expand. You will feel different. Things will work out. And even when things don’t appear to be working out, have faith that something better is on its way.

Imagine if instead of having arguments in your head, you thought ‘All my relationships are blissful.’ And if at first you don’t believe, repeat repeat repeat! It’s meditative. I like to say such things as I walk to the rhythm of my feet. It’s something I started doing a few months ago at the beach in Perth and continue to do now. This is evolution my friends!

Imagine if rather than beating yourself up with ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of cake blah blah blah’, you say ‘My metabolism is so fast. My body will burn that off no problem!’ Delusional? Who cares? You can drop the guilt and get on with your amazing life. It just feels better.

Imagine if you always thought the best of yourself. 

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Watch your language when speaking to others too. Instead of saying ‘I have to do …’ or ‘I’m frantically trying to…’, say ‘I’m enjoying doing …’ or something equally as pleasurable. Yeah, it will dry up all your complaint conversations, but you will find a nice surprise on the other side.

Even if you don’t at first like it, fear not – it’s good for you! It’s like broccoli. It’ll change your life.

And I know it’s not culturally acceptable to be high-fiving yourself and mouthing ‘I love you’ in the mirror, but you don’t even have to tell anyone.

I enjoyed this so much from the novel, Elegance, by Kathleen Tessaro. It’s from a scene where the main character is watching a young guy play the piano.

I can’t recall the last time I saw someone enjoying something so much, so openly. Perhaps it’s my age or just the people I hang out with , but almost everyone I know seems to be an aspiring cynic. We stand at the edge of our experiences, smoking cigarettes and trying to convince each other that we’ve seen this, done that and it isn’t so hot anyway…And on occasions when one of us does become excited, it’s under duress, both embarrassing and brief…and has to be apologised for the next day. ‘Real life’ is, after all, a serious and rather dull business.’

I love when fiction is so true. It’s very British but still, I don’t aspire to be a cynic standing on the edge of my experiences – do you?

So there are three ways to be awesome I’ve mentioned here :

Mantra your way to work, through the neighbourhood and to sleep at night AND

Catch your negative thoughts and transform them to positive AND

Choose your language to reflect the ease and grace with which you CHOOSE to live your life. 

Obviously there’s so much deeper to go with this and this piece is meant to be a reminder or a starting point, not a bandaid solution. We all have beliefs about ourselves and the world based a lot on what we learnt before the age of seven. Mostly we are not aware of how these beliefs are shaping our lives. While we cannot change the past, through awareness we can transform the present and have the extraordinary life that was meant for each and every one of us. So go ahead, catch yourself in the act. Change your thoughts today.

Treat yourself well and you will be well. 

Each moment is a new beginning.

(I really should start that bumper sticker business one of these days)

Thank you Emoji